By Sara Given

In the spring of 2013, I directed “Jellybean Conspiracy” and I can honestly say it was the highlight of my 20 years of teaching.  If you are unfamiliar with this production, it is written to be performed by actors with atypical developments. 

We turned the first act of the show into a Readers Theatre and performed for Districts and finished in 3rd place. Our Readers was comprised of 9 regular education students and 7 special education students.  In a community performance of the Readers, they raised over $2,100 in free will donations for Special Olympics.

I tell you about this, because I want you to understand how this idea came about. My “Jellybeans” (as they like to be called) have asked me repeatedly if they could do “Jellybean” again.  As you know, we don’t perform the same show twice. After watching the Special Olympic athletes present acceptance speeches at the Believer’s Banquet, I realized that this was what we needed to do. I am proud to share that my community is really excited to help support this event. Last year’s Speech Olympics was a great success, and with your participation this year, I think we can continue a new and exciting experience for all of our students.  To quote one of my Jellybeans “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be like all the other kids in school.”

Thank you for considering participating in this exciting adventure.

 Sara Given

We are all like Jellybeans

We are all like different jellybeans in the great glass jar of life.

Everyone has a gift inside, a gift that’s precious and just right.

Every jellybean has a place whether Red or Brown or Yellow

Everyone’s life is important, they say; each has a right to grow

To have healthy communities and a peaceful world

We must find a way for jellybeans to be fully accepted for who they are

The purples, The Oranges and Greens

All our jellybeans have a right to know their potential for love and delight

Every jellybean needs to see that Blue is not Red yet both are light

We invite you now to see the world from a different point of view

To see it through another’s eyes and thereby see it new.

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Jellybean Speech Olympics Trailer Video

Watch what our Jellybean Olympics are all about.