• Schedule of Events


9:00-9:30AM                    Registration                                                                                  Front Office

9:30 AM                            Opening Ceremony                                                                      Auditorium

10:00-11:30AM                 Session 1                                                                                      1st & 2nd North & South

(Poetry, Duet Pantomime, Children’s Storytelling)    

11:30-12:30PM              Lunch and Games                                                                         Cafeteria/Band Room

12:30-2:00 PM                     Session 2                                                                                1st & 2nd North & South

 (Prose, Original Duet Acting, Public Speaking)

2:00PM                               Group Activity                                                                               Auditorium

3:30PM (or sooner)             Awards Ceremony                                                                       Auditorium



  • Scoring/Awards

Competitors will be scored in each of their events using the following scale:

Good= 1 point (Bronze)

Better= 2 points (Silver)

Best = 3 Points (Gold)


Each competitor will receive a medal that corresponds with the score they earned in each event.

In addition, competitors will take home a participation certificate.

Teams will be scored by adding competitor scores in all events and dividing by the total number of entries to find the average.  The teams with the highest overall averages will place. 1st. 2nd and 3rd place plaques will be given to the three highest scoring teams.

  • Jumpin’ Jellybean Awards

In addition to individual event awards and team awards, all competitors and their peer coaches will be watched throughout the day by our secret staff members. Some of the competitors will earn Jumpin’ Jellybean Awards based on our observations.

(This is all you get to know at this point…)